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Sweet Lullaby

28 Feb

by Afunakwa

Little brother, little brother, stop crying, stop crying
Though you are crying and crying, who else will carry you
Who else will groom you, both of us are now orphans

Little brother, little brother, our mother and father
They have died and now live on in the island of the dead
From the island of the dead, their spirit will continue to look after us
Just like royalty, taken care of with all the wisdom of such a place

Little brother, little brother even in the gardens
This lullaby continues to the different divisions of the garden,
And even to each house visited, this lullaby seems endless
Little brother, little brother
though you are crying and crying, who else will carry you

Oh oh, my heavens…be quiet, be quiet
I am just a boy, what have I done to you

Little brother, little brother you stop crying
Our mother and father have died
Both of us are now orphans, little brother, little brother


Original from the Solomon Islands:

Sasi sasi ae taro taro amu
Ko agi agi boroi tika oli oe lau
Tika gwao oe lau koro inomaena

Sasi sasi ae na ga koro ma koro
mada maena mada ni ada I dai
I dai tabesau I tebetai nau mouri
Tabe ta wane initoa te ai rofia

Sasi sasi ae kwa dao mata ole
Rowelae e lea kwa dao mata biru
Na rowelae e lea kwa dao mata luma
Rowlae e lea sasii sasi ae
Angi angi boro ti ka oli oe lau

laia rofia ro aro aro
Nau ne wela wane ku adedite amu

Sasi sasi ae ko taro taro amu
Ga koro ma koro da maena fasi koro
Koro inomae na ka sasi sasi ae

ahre aro a teai roro roroa
tea roa roa roai roa


My Buzz Can Be Killed, Too

27 Feb

Recently I left a comment on a blog that is apparently only for friends and family, but wasn’t protected in any way. There wasn’t any sort of disclaimer saying that the blog wasn’t really for wandering Internet eyes. There was a very beautiful video that I really wanted to compliment the poster for making and tell her that her story is inspiring and that I was really happy for her happiness. I checked back a few days later to see that, not only is her entire site now password protected, but there are posts titled “soo not okay” and “buzzkill” after my comment.

I wasn’t trying to stalk her or upset her or anything of that nature, merely pay her a compliment. If she wants to make her site private, that’s fine, but it should have been that way to begin with. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong by paying her a compliment. While admirable that she wants to protect her family, compliments from strangers are not always warning signs. I have no interest in her life at all, but I just wanted to congratulate her and tell her how touching this post was. I didn’t see any harm in this, and in fact spent a very long time writing the comment so as not to appear overbearing or be in any way offensive.

But now I feel like I’ve done something terrible. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, because I will never meet this woman and I had good intentions. Is that wrong? I don’t think this is irrational for me to think, because I was so surprised to see all those sudden changes on her blog. I didn’t know it was a criminal offense for me to leave a nice comment. She didn’t even have the decency to respond and tell me that she would rather I not read her blog. Someone telling me that they would prefer I not say anything is far better than silence. Instead I was greeted with passive-aggressive post titles about buzzkill and things not being okay.

Sorry to have burst your bubble. I was only trying to say something nice. I guess I’ll have to watch my tongue in the future.


26 Feb

Why is it that some adults feel they can walk all over students and younger people, even when those are the ones in some position of authority?

My roommate, Mari, has been dealing with this a little bit the past week. She is one of the choreographers for our school’s upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof. Even though I haven’t been in a rehearsal, I’m sure she’s doing a great job teaching the dancing and staging and keeping everyone in line. But yesterday, she got kind of a nasty email from a woman who took it upon herself to tell Mari how she and the other choreographer could run rehearsals better. Her reasoning for having an expert opinion was that several years ago she was on a pom-pom squad that had several captains in charge of smaller squads to run rehearsals, and they were very competitive and successful. Only, she can’t win that game with Mari, who spent the majority of her high school career on a state and national-winning cheerleading squad. She knows about hard work.

So the minute she showed even just a little bit that she was human (meaning, she was having a bad day, was stressed out, and wasn’t perfect), this woman decided to tak advantage of her and tell her how it should be. Not the best way to talk to someone who is supposed to be in charge. While I’m all for questioning authorities, I don’t feel that play practice is the best place for that. Let’s reserve that for the bigger things, shall we? 

It’s just so frustrating to be young and have an opinion without older people telling you you are wrong or trying to cut you down. We, the next generation, have some good things to say, too. And just because we are younger and have less life experience does not necessarily mean we are underqualified for the things we’re doing. Admittedly, a lot of us are complete morons. But those of us who are intelligent and ambitious really do know what we’re doing. Please don’t berate us because we’re younger. We deserve our chance, too.

He’s Just Not That Into You

25 Feb

I realized that I never wrote about our eventful Valentine’s weekend a while ago. So, seeing as I have a lack of creativity in thinking up anything better to write, I thought now would be as good a time as any to do that.

Last year, those of us without significant others did a Valentine spinoff of Secret Santa called Covert Cupid. We were planning to do that this year, but communication lines got crossed. We still had a lot of fun, though. My brother, after much deliberation and mind-changing, came up and spent the night on Saturday. We went to see the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, which was really good and really funny. I think James liked it, which is saying a lot considering he doesn’t watch chick flicks. Ginnifer Goodwin was so cute, and she made a lot of the same mistakes that I think most women make when meeting guys. The movie was really funny. I’d recommend it for a good Saturday night.

After the movie we went to dinner at Mexico Lindo, which has become our new favorite restaurant. We loaded down on chips, salsa, and guacamole, which is really all you need from Mexican restaurants anyway. I think James was impressed. After dinner we went for drinks at Brasserie Ecosse, our other new favorite haunt. That was really fun, because getting your friends liquored up is always a treat. Especially around your brother. We had a hilarious game of telephone, which was fun as a kid but is even better with a little drink. Overall a fun evening, and not a bad Valentine’s Day for a bunch of single college girls. James had like 9 dates for the night. Not bad for him, either.

Ten Things Tuesday – February 24

24 Feb

Happy Mardi Gras! Hope everyone is enjoying a day of revelry before 40 days of piousness or whatever you do during Lent. As for myself, I usually forget to give up anything until a few days into it. So today, I thought I would make a list of ten things I should give up for Lent but probably won’t. Maybe I’ll be celebrating my favorite holiday today by partaking in at least one of these things. Maybe not (after all, it’s a school night).

Ten things I should give up for Lent/things that make Mardi Gras fun!

1. Money. I love money, just as much as the next person. I’m not always good at saving it. Actually, I’m pretty bad at saving it. I love stuff, and to get stuff you need money. This causes a problem, you see. I have to get better control of myself financially.

2. Laziness. I think the best way to give this up would be to exercise more, rather than sit around and think of TTT posts and other random foolishness. And to just generally not waste time. Which leads me to…

3. Procrastination. If I’m going to accomplish anything this semester, I’m going to have to quit putting things off so much. It’s getting serious.

4. Clutter. I can be pretty messy. Not dirty. Messy. If I took a little more time every day to pick things up and maybe do a little cleaning, my room wouldn’t look like such a disaster area.

5. Dessert. Converse makes incredible chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream is one of my favorite foods ever. I eat too much of these, and should really stop. It’s just so good, though! I want some Ben and Jerry’s just thinking about it.

6. Booze. By no means am I an alcoholic, but I do enjoy the occasional drink. I have a weakness for Long Island Iced Tea.

7. Facebook. Man, oh man. I spend so much time there. Actually, it’s kind of losing its appeal now, because it’s kind of boring. I haven’t looked at Flair lately and none of my friends that I’m really interested in keeping up with have done anything interesting lately. Mostly just some random stuff about people I kind of know, doing things that sort of matter.

8. Downloading fonts. It’s a serious addiction.

9. Pessimism. In the last three years or so, I’ve turned from an optimist to a quite cynical pessimist. I don’t know why, but I don’t really like it. This is the one thing on the list I would actually like to change. I think it would be better for everyone.

10. Materialism. I often feel that I have too much stuff in my life. I’m a big pack rat, and enjoy collecting stuff. I have tons of books, tons of movies, lots of music on my computer, hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies, balls of yarn everywhere, and more shoes than I can wear in a month. I guess I’m just a collector. I’m getting a head start on my dusty old attic filled with random objects. Maybe these things will come in handy later for an illustrious art career.

Anyway, there’s my list. There’s no way this will be adhered to, but it was fun to write anyway. What are you giving up for Lent?

Oscar Party

23 Feb

Last night was one of the best Oscar shows I’ve seen in a long time. It was funny, touching, and entertaining all together, without being overly flashy. Everything was so well-written and constructed, just an all-around great show.

We celebrated by watching on the huge screen in one of our auditoriums on campus. My friends and I all dressed up in our fancy dresses and walked our very own red carpet and took paparazzi shots. There were simple refreshments, and even our own ballot to fill out! It was so much fun; we love going all-out for Oscar night.

Some of my favorite moments from last night’s schow include:

Ben Stiller dressed up as Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman, complete with unkempt hair, sunglasses, wild mangy beard, and gum. I’m so glad I’d seen that interview, because Stiller was so hilarious the whole time. I can’t believe he did that on Hollywood’s biggest night; that truly took some balls. And you’d swear it wasn’t him, too. That was by far the funniest moment of the whole night.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin. One word: hilarious.

Hugh Jackman as the host. I admit I was kind of skeptical about him hosting at first, but was pleasantly surprised. He can sing, he can dance, he’s funny, he’s good-looking, he has an accent. What more could you want in a host? Not much. I think he needs to take up residency there for a few years. Other than his big opening number, one of my favorite Hugh moments was the big tribute to musicals he did with Beyonce. That whole number was just so well put-together. I really loved that; Beyonce was so hot and the dancing was killer. In fact, all the music performances were really great. I loved how they juxtaposed the songs from Slumdog Millionaire with Down to Earth from Wall-E. Even the orchestral music they used this year was great. I loved it all.

Kate Winslet FINALLY won her Oscar! I think it’s about time, because she’s done some truly amazing work and it’s about time she was given full credit for it. I think this was her sixth nomiation, and while there are people who go far longer without winning, this was definitely her yera. She’s just so badass at whatever she does, yet she really has her priorities right. The latest InStyle has a big interview with her, and it’s fabulous as only Kate can be. Her acceptance speech was so heartfelt, and I loved that all she really wanted to know was where her parents were sitting.

I also really liked how they spiced things up this year with the presenters. I loved having five of the previous category winners come out and hand out awards, following a compilation of acceptance speeches and performances. I thought that gave a fresh, new vibe to the show. I hope they keep doing that for a while, because it’s a great touch.

One of the things I love most, and that gets me all worked up, is movie montages. They pretty much make me cry all the time. I loved the montages this year, documenting the different genres of movies in 2008. It really was well done. Of course, the In Remembrance montage was wonderful, as always. And so appropriate to end with quotes from Paul Newman. Well done.

We all noticed that there wasn’t a lot of color on the red carpet this year; most women chose cream, dark or metallic shades for their dresses. While there were some truly spectacular gowns, I kind of wished there was a little more color.

Well, I think that just about sums up my Oscar night. I’ve been looking at pictures all day and I’m so glad to say that I watched it, because it was a monumental year for movies. I’ll definitely have to go back and watch the ones I didn’t see this year that were nominated.

Gallivanting in Asheville

22 Feb

Yesterday I met my mom in Asheville so she could deliver a wonderful King Cake to me in time for Mardi Gras on Tuesday. My mom makes great King Cakes, and my friends look forward to this yearly delight. I’m pretty sure Laurann has found the baby every year we’ve had one; she even got it last year when she was in Italy. We all had our piece, and none of us found the baby, so we cut a piece that was “hers.” And woudn’t you know, we found the baby there! Meaning she got it again, for I think the third year in a row.

Anyway, Asheville was pretty fun. I woke up kind of late from last night’s festivities, so I was a little behind in getting there. I only ended up being 15 minutes later than our appointed meeting time, but seeing as my mom had shown up 15 minutes early, this meant there was a half hour difference in our arrivals. We went to the Biltmore village to have lunch, where we ate at Chelsea’s Tearoom. It was so good. I had blackberry tea and a Monte Cristo sandwich – really delicious! They had a cute little gift shop in there with lots of soap, perfume, and lotion samples. We came out smelling very girlie. After lunch we walked around the Village to see some of the little shops. We went in a really great yarn store that had some very pretty things. Lots of it was similar to Yarntiques at home, but there were some really different kinds of yarn, too. I found a gorgeous skein that was royal purple with tiny silver glass beads and sequins, and another that was purple and gold with gold beads and sequins. If it hadn’t been insanely expensive, I would have gotten it. It was so beautiful. It would have made the perfect trim to a sweater or scarf. Really pretty.

There were a couple more shops around there, but nothing too exciting. We went in a cute little boutique with outrageously expensive clothes, and a children’s bookshop that was upstairs in the same little house. They had some beautiful books and interesting puzzles and games.

So that pretty much sums up our trip. I really want to go up there for a day with all my friends to hang out and shop and just have some fun. Asheville is so cool; there are tons of great restaurants and boutiques to see. It’s really artsy and outdoorsy. I think I could live there. It’s really my style.