No More Januarys

30 Jan

My last-ever January term is now over. I’m really going to miss our month-long laziness, Beatles obsession, and movie watching. January was always a time to just kick back and have some fun while still earning school credits. For those who have never experienced it, January is a magical time. Any Converse upperclassman or alumna will tell you that it’s the greatest thing ever. Those who find themselves bored during January simply aren’t exploring all their possibilities.

As I finish up school, I will be forever grateful for having January. I will always look back on it with fond memories. Freshman year was the Beatles class and the beginning of our ridiculous, consuming obsession. Sophomore year was The Year of Sex, where I learned all about the birds and the bees from both a biological and literary standpoint, and it was the year of epic fort building. Junior year was the ultimate January experience, in Spain and France. This year was spent in Counseling, learning how to ask open-ended questions, and watching movies from every genre imaginable. I will forever owe a lot of memories to January; some years were a lot more work than others, but there were always, always good times to be had. There was never an overwhelmingly bored moment, because there was always something fun and irresponsible to do. It’s been great, and I will always miss it. January will never be the same, but will always have that special ring to it, in my heart.

I’m back at home for a few days now. I left this morning after our presentation on social feminism, which concluded my endeavours into psychotherapy for the month. It’s good to be back, but it’s so quiet around here. James is at school, of course, so life goes on here as usual, without the kids. I’m going back to school on Monday, even though we’re technically off for break until Wednesday morning, when classes for the spring start. There’s just not a lot of point in staying here later than Monday morning, because my parents will be working, and my grandmother will be here all day anyway, doing something housewifey. Actually, I found out tonight that my mom is leaving for Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, so she won’t even be here for about half my break. I do enjoy seeing my dad and grandmother, but there’s just not much to do around here. My friends here at home are already in class for the spring, and working, so they won’t be doing anything during the day anyway.

It will be good to be at school for a couple of days before the term starts, to just hang out and not really do much of anything. I’ll actually be able to get ready for the new term. I usually forget about starting a new one, and go to class for the first few days with random bits of notebook paper because I’ve forgotten to go buy a new notebook for my classes. Maybe I should try and be paper-free this semester, and take my computer to classes all day. I won’t really have that much note-taking, now that I think about it. Probably just for my art history class, because the rest of it is a drawing class, volleyball, and other practical things like my internship and writing my art history paper. So I might not need that much paper after all.

It’s hard to think this is the beginning of my last undergraduate semester. In a few months, I’ll be a college graduate. It’s funny how, four years after high school, so much is different. You finish high school and start college, and you kind of think your life is set for a while. But four years goes by before you know it, and suddenly you have to make so many more complicated decisions than you did before. Job? Grad school? Find a husband? It’s just a lot to think about. My dad’s new favorite topic of conversation is to tell me about random job opportunities he thinks I should look into, or people he knows in town that I should contact about getting a job. It’s about all I can do right now to just get through each day, and finish all of my immediate work, let alone think about the future.

As of right now, the only thing in my future I’m concerned with is graduation. And that countdown has officially begun!


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