Ten Things Tuesday – January 27

27 Jan

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, and was inspired to do a list of my favorite actors and actresses. As it should be, ladies first:

1. Kate Winslet. Hands down the most brilliant actress today. She totally deserves an Oscar by now. She’s done everything you can imagine, all sorts of characters, all wonderfully. If I could put just one woman on this list, she would be it.

2. Natalie Portman. I think she’s just so beautiful. She might not be the greatest on this list, but there’s just something about her that I really love. She seems to have it all together.

3. Anne Hathaway. She always plays such age-appropriate roles. She started out funny in The Princess Diaries and now she’s morphed into a poised, attention-worthy, sophisticated woman. I love her.

4. Renee Zellweger. She can be ridiculous and serious. I forever love her as Bridget Jones, but also love how nasty she is in Chicago.

5. Audrey Hepburn. She was always so classy and kind. Mari loves her more than I do, but she most definitely makes my list.

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Her performance in Chicago was enough to solidify her as a powerhouse. Singing, dancing, and acting her ass off. While pregnant. Anyone else who can do that? Don’t think so.

7. Reese Witherspoon. Always so cute and fun. I think I would like her in real life, too.

8. Cate Blanchett. I kind of consider her to be the female equivalent of Johnny Depp. I totally believe anything she does. She’s just mesmerizing on screen; she was totally born to be in front of the camera.

9. Meryl Streep. Enough said. People say she’s overrated, but I don’t think so.

10. Audrey Tautou. French actress from Amelie. Probably the “new” Audrey. She’s both wonderful and gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more of her work.

And now let’s hear it for the boys:

1. Ewan McGregor. I’ve never not enjoyed seeing him on film. He’s also got a wide range of characters. I just can’t say enough about him.

2. Johnny Depp. Not because he’s attractive, but because he’s probaby the greatest character actor of our time. I’ve never seen him in any movie where he wasn’t 100% convincing. He totally becomes whatever role he’s playing so completely that you don’t even think it’s him on screen.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio. He just gets hotter with age. But on top of that, he’s extraordinary. I love to watch him in anything.

4. Tom Hanks. Not the most attractive, I’ll admit. But he totally makes up for it by being completely wonderful. He was Forrest Gump. He was a 13-year-old kid in Big. He plays romantic comedy to a new level. Love it.

5. Colin Firth. I have a big thing for British men. And Mr. Darcy.

6. Christian Bale. A really big thing for British men. And also the fact that he always has great (and very distinctly different) accents.

7. Heath Ledger. One word: Joker.

8. Jim Sturgess. He’s British. He sings. He’s cute. He can act. What more do you want?

9. Jack Black. I think he’s underrated. Sure, he’s played his fair share of goofy roles. But he’s so funny and so charming, too. Like a big teddy bear.

10. Gary Oldman. So. So. Good. I watched all of Batman Begins before I realized he was in it. He just molds into characters so well.

And my alternate number 11, John Krasinski. Not because he’s the greatest actor, but because he’s just so darn cute and I have an undying love for him. I couldn’t make this list and not mention him somewhere.

I really wish I could say that I had more Old Hollywood actors on this list, but sadly I don’t know enough about them. I do love old movies a lot, but I just haven’t seen enough. It’s one of my goals to watch all the movies ever nominated for Best Picture, so I will be able to expose myself to them this way. Maybe one day I’ll feel worthy enough to have the classic movie stars on my list, but for now, this is where it stands.


2 Responses to “Ten Things Tuesday – January 27”

  1. The Cinema Hub 27 January, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

    How could you not include Sean Connery? The original, and still the best, 007! lol

  2. lazyllama27 27 January, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    true. while i do love him, i’m just not as familiar with his work as some of the others.

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