When There are no Boys Around…

26 Jan

Last night in Cudd we participated in one of our favorite past times. My friends and I have very close relationships; that is, we’ve lived together so long we’re just used to little quirks, and we’re kind of over being embarrassed about things like burping and farting. So last night, we did something that I’d say most friends are not willing to do to each other. We pulled out Mari’s big bottle of hydrogen peroxide and dumped it in our ears. With a little more finesse than just dumping, of course.

The purpose was to clean out all the excess dirt and wax that gets built up. Disgusting, right? So we poured 4 or 5 capfuls into our ears and just let it fizzle, for about 10 minutes on each side. Then we flipped our head over really fast and let it rush out, which is probably one of the coolest feelings ever. Hearing all the little fizzes and pops inside your ear is crazy, too. You can hear the fizzing of the peroxide cleaning out everything and loosening up the dirt. Weird, but so much fun. My ears feel nice and clean now.


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