Ten Things Tuesday – January 20

20 Jan

Top ten most inappropriate men to be attracted to:

1. Anyone playing Jesus in a movie

2. The hot Peter Pan from the new version (mostly because he was like 12 when he did that movie)

3. The Phantom of the Opera

4. Your professors

5. Edward Cullen (or any vampire, for that matter)

6. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

7. Animated characters (Aladdin, Prince Eric, Dmitri)



8. Animated animal characters (Robin Hood, Basil of Baker Street, Tramp)

disneyrh0011  basil_in_style_sized  enchantedscenes_ladyandthetramp_disney_sized

9. Borat (admit it, Sacha Baron Cohen is sexy)



10. Sweeney Todd

Sweeney-Todd-11.jpg sweeney todd image by ioana_deva

We all know it’s wrong. And yet, we still love them. Why is that? What do they have that normal, real men don’t?


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