Galway Girl

19 Jan

Last night we watched Braveheart, which Gia picked for her Action movie. It was pretty good; the battle scenes were pretty intense, I must say. There were some clever tactics used by the Scots in some of the battles (I don’t know how historically accuate that was, but I thought it was smart). I’m really crossing off a lot of movies on the list of Oscar nominated films. It’s one of my goals to see all the movies nominated for Best Picture, and I’m well on my way. Movie Genre January is certainly helping in this respect. I’m really looking forward to the announcement of the Oscar nominations for this past year on Thursday.

Last night I read the short story of Benjamin Button. It was very different from the movie, I must say. I definitely felt more sorry for Benjamin in the short story version; his life seemed much more difficult that the movie portrayed. Obviously a movie has more character development than a short story, but there were a few major differences that really made the movie great. For one thing, Benjamin’s family in the story brings him home and insists on covering up his true appearance. In the movie, I felt like he was better able to express himself, being left to grow up how he wanted. I’m really going to have to get that movie when it comes out. It’s just so wonderful.

Mari’s sister Sarah came to spend the night last night. She’s out of school today, as most normal schools are. It doesn’t really matter to me though, because I don’t have class anyway on Mondays. So it’s just a normal break for me anyway. I haven’t done anything resembling school work in three days, so I have to spend a good portion of this afternoon reading. We have another test this Thursday, and I don’t want to put off my reading til the last minute again. I just turned in my study questions, so that’s one less thing to do.

But most importantly, Lindsay got back from Ireland last night! She was, of course, really tired, so she didn’t stay up long to tell us about the trip. But she showed us a few pictures and told some of the highlights of the trip. She was really excited, and I could tell she had a really good time. She wants to go back as soon as possible. I can’t say that I blame her; if I was given the chance to just pick up and move off to Europe, I think I would. I can’t wait to sit down and have her tell all about the trip, and see all the pictures. That’s one of the greatest things about coming back from a trip: telling about all your experiences and seeing the pictures. It’s fun whether you were the person who went or you’re the friend hearing about it when they get back.

Lindsay’s birthday is on Thursday, so we’re hopefully going to celebrate. I don’t know of any plans yet, but I’m sure it will be fun (because Drinking Lindsay is one of my favorites).

I have a very funny list prepared for tomorrow, so get ready! And I’ve had quite a fun time putting it together. I found some really hilarious pictures that will have to be posted at another time, but I’m pretty much jumping out of my skin with excitement!


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