Citizen Kane and Penelope

14 Jan

On Monday night, Laurann presented her selection for Tragedy in Movie Genre January, which was Citizen Kane. I didn’t realize how many clips of that movie I had seen before. It was really good; not one of my favorites ever but still very much worth watching. It’s kind of heavy, so it would be hard to watch all the time, but was definitely worth seeing at least once.

Last night Gia chose Penelope for Children and Family. It was so cute! I didn’t really know anything about this movie at all, but I really enjoyed it. It had a very good lesson about self-esteem and acceptance. I just might have to get this one.

Yesterday after I got out of class I spent a good bit of time cleaning my desk. I’ve accumulated quite a lot of random papers and other little knick knacks that are taking up space. Some of them got trashed, while some got stored in a box under the bed where I keep things I want to save. I just don’t need all that stuff hanging around my desk, because I need some room for all the extra stuff I’m going to accumulate this semester. I can’t even imagine how much stuff I will have when I have to move out of here for good! It was satisfying to get rid of old magazines and such. I cut out some of the good pictures I want to keep and spent the rest of the night putting them in my journal and the fashion book (AKA dream closet book) that I keep. I felt very proud of myself, even though I technically didn’t do any responsible work at all yesterday.

Can’t spend a lot of time goofing around today, because I have a psychology test tomorrow. No class in the morning, so I will have extra time to study. But, I still can’t put off this work as much as I already have.


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