Li’l Coco Nappy and All Da Strippaz

11 Jan

Way back during sophomore year, something truly appalling happened. Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar. That’s right, they won, and Martin Scorsese didn’t. So, in honor of being truly ridiculous, we decided to form our own rap group. Mari was the lead rapper and the rest of us were her background vocals and dancers. We even named ourselves after the truly ridiculous shout-outs that Three 6 put on their album.

I just recently discovered the list we made up for our first album. Here is a list of the songs we decided to write and put on it:

Corndog Lingo and Lesbian Slang
That’s What She Said
Mother Trucker
Voyage to the G Spot
Holy Crap It’s in my Pants
Littlest Crotch Pop
Woobie the Hedgehog
Poop Cookie
Sample the Man Buffet
How to Steal a Pie
Drunk on the Rooftop
Stalking 101


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