Social Butterfly

2 Jan

One thing that both fascinates and repulses me is the phenomenon of socialites. People born into money who just sit around and are fabulous all day, who only wear the best designers and live in posh houses and jet-set all over the globe. People whose greatest role is to show up at classy events and set trends, host chich parties and inspire envy in all those less fortunate to afford the best of everything.

A big part of me is insanely curious about this lifestyle. How great would it be to have everything you wanted, never wanting for anything, not really having anything to worry about. If I could just be that fabulous, to do nothing but sit around all day drinking fine wine wearing the finest clothes money can buy.

At the same time, this life is disgusting. Spending insane amounts of money on nice things that really don’t mean anything. Especially when there are so many important things you could be doing with your life, helping others rather than always looking to set the next fashion trend. Creating beautiful things and inspiring good in the world rather than jealousy. Or give back your immense blessings to the world that truly deserves it.

Having a lavish lifestyle comes with its price, I’m sure. You’d never know that you could fully trust anyone that might only be your friend because of your money, or to bring you down. It’s probably also very unsatisfying. I’m the type of person who has to be accomplishing things, and always having something to work for. I don’t think I would have this same sense if I had been brought up in a privileged life.

It’s a difficult thing to think about. Part of me would love to be wealthy, and have the best of everything, and only need to accomplish being fabulous. But that conscience part of me knows that it wouldn’t be everything it’s cracked up to be. I know I wouldn’t be entirely satisfied. I know money can’t buy happiness. But I think it helps, some.

It’s nice to dream, though.


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