Holy Mole-y

28 Dec

So, my mom noticed something weird about me yesterday. I was riding with her in the car running errands, and she saw something on my head that is kind of worrying. On the left side of my head, above my ear, there is a mole. Or what looks like a mole. It is a large brown spot that I’ve never noticed before. And I’m a girl, so I’ve looked at my hair a lot in mirrors. You would think I would notice this big spot  near the front of my head.

I don’t know if I should be worried about it or not. That’s kind of a weird place to get skin cancer, right? IN your hair? I’m nothing close to a doctor, but it just seems a little off that I can just randomly sprout moles anywhere. Or is this maybe more common than I thought?

We haven’t decided if we need to get it checked out. I would kind of like to, just to give me the peace of mind that it’s nothing serious. But at the same time I’m also worried that it is something bad, which is news I definitely don’t want to hear. I just hope I’m worried over nothing, that it really is a new random birthmark or something. I mean, aren’t there sometimes little bodily quirks that pop up now and then, and everything is fine?


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