Confession: Boob Tube

16 Dec

So, since I’ve been out of school for almost a week, I’m getting very caught up on all the TV watching I didn’t do this semester. I have a few little confessions about my recent TV watching habits. First of all, I have to say that I’m completely addicted to The Hills. I admit it, even though for the longest time I tried to deny it. There’s just something about watching a train wreck that draws in your attention. Most of the time I can’t believe there are people out there who are really that dumb, or really have that lifestyle. I don’t think they’re all idiots, but there is some pretty ridiculous stuff that goes on. But I’ll be watching for a long time now. And I’m also excited to see The City, with Whitney moving to New York. She’s always been one of my favorites; always poised, very mature, and headed in a good direction, I think. She’s pretty real, as far as I can tell, and I really want to see what happens to her. Enough gushing about The Hills, though (at least until next week, probably).

I must say, I’m quite impressed with commercials this year. Usually I really hate sitting through commercials, like the rest of you out there. But this year, there seem to be some really great ones, which is a nice change from the lack of effort and creativity I feel has been coming from advertising agencies these days. There are several in particular that I don’t mind watching more than once.

For one, I love Target ads. Always, but especially at Christmas. They really know what they’re doing, and how to advertise their stores well. Second, I love the Pillsbury ad where people are clicking their heels together like in The Wizard of Oz, saying that “home is calling.” It’s just so beautiful and poignant, and a great way to reference that movie. And last but not least is one that is completely ridiculous, but so funny. It involves John Mayer, dressed in a bunny suit (which I can only assume is meant to be a reference to Donnie Darko), stalking Alicia Keys. It’s advertising something that is undoubtedly stupid on MTV, but I have to say that the commercial is brilliant. John Mayer has such a great sense of humor; quirky, but always dead on.

I’m also almost embarrassed to say that I’m slightly interested in watching Bromance, the new reality show that Brody from The Hills is doing about how much guys really love each other when no one is looking. As a general rule, I avoid reality shows like the plague. However, this one looks so exceptionally ridiculous and entertaining that I just might have to watch it.

The last thing I’m looking forward to this year is the annual 24 hour celebration of A Christmas Story. Because it’s the one day a year I watch that movie, I don’t feel bad about spending the entire day watching it over and over. It’s just that good.


One Response to “Confession: Boob Tube”

  1. coffee 7 January, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    I was so happy that MTV thought to make such a bromantic show, it brought a little tear to my eye…

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