Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On

13 Dec

Very long day of running errands with my mom is going to end in getting our tree! This is one of my favorite things to do every year. I love trees, and I think I’m an excellent judge of which one is the best. We usually end up getting the one I find. I love big, fat Christmas trees that can hold lots of ornaments.

Traffic was horrible today, as it usually is during the holidays. Because we are the big hub of shopping and restaurants in the area, everyone from the hills and the sticks comes down to shop on weekends during Christmas. So it’s not uncommon to see more cars from North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky around town than ones from Tennessee. We had to wait in line to get out of the Barnes and Noble parking lot for about 20 minutes, during which time this guy pulled out and nearly hit my mom’s car. She was really angry; she’d already been stressed about some other stuff from earlier in the day, so this douchebag deliberately pulling out on top of her did not help the stress level. Other than that, it was a pretty successful trip I’d say.

I wore my new boots today, which I absolutely love. I want to go back and get the black pair that I found. Maybe if I get some money for Christmas I will do that. They’re so comfortable and I think they will go with anything. In the past I haven’t been a boot person at all, but I’ve been seeing so many cute pairs recently that I really wanted to get some. The ones I found are perfect, not too high, and fit my calves well (which can be challenging). I really would like some black ones, too, to wear when I can’t wear brown. It’s a shame I’m not made of money, because I have a serious shoe addiction. It’s getting beyond healthy.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, I’m sure. My mom and I are going up to school to bake those plates we painted yesterday. The special paint we used is supposed to be baked so the plates are safe to use for food and in the dishwasher. I hope they turn out OK, because we’ve put in a lot of effort for these things to come out right.

Tonight I’m having dinner with Amanda and then spending the night where she’s house-sitting. It will be so great to spend time with someone I haven’t seen in a long time. We’re going to Cootie Brown’s for dinner, which is where we usually end up. I’m excited!


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