No Case of the Mondays

8 Dec

Because it is exam week, we are continuing our tradition of watching The Snowman every night. We started this tradition two years ago when I bought it on DVD, so we always have a big study break session to watch it. I really love watching it with everyone; there’s such a random assortment of people that gather for it.

Tonight we’re doing our Secret Santa exchange, which will hopefully be lots of fun. And tonight I’m hopefully giving my little sisters their presents, too. I really love exchanging gifts this time of year.

Currently I’m listening to the mix that Cullen made me for Christmas. It truly is the most random thing ever. And I love it.

I just got back from getting a free beer from one of my professors, who offered a drink to anyone who came to his favorite bar tonight in celebration of the end of our class. I wasn’t about to pass up a free drink!

Overall, today’s been a really good day. I’ve been very, very productive. I’ve run all sorts of errands, finished all my work for ceramics, and now I’m spending the evening studying for my one and only exam. So this time tomorrow, I will be completely finished, and halfway through being a senior. I can’t believe this is the next-to-last time I’ll do this. It’s sort of exciting, though. I’m so ready for a break. Two weeks at home are very much needed right about now. I’m not stressed out in the least about my final tomorrow,  but I’m so ready to go home!


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