Ten Things Tuesday – November 18

18 Nov

Ten current projects:

1. iTunes purging. Necessary to free up some space on my computer, and to get rid of the stuff I just don’t really need.

2. Knitting a scarf with pockets.

3. Creating the invitation cards for my senior show. At least the first draft.

4. Getting through my reading list. An ongoing project that will probably never, ever end.

5. Painting for my senior show. I’ve finally found some inspiration!

6. Watching all the movies that have ever been nominated for Best Picture. This might take several years.

7. Setting up working for Project Have Hope next year. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have something I can do up in Boston. Or in Africa.

8. Applying to work as a camp counselor.

9. Preparing for the GRE. This might or might not get done. More than likely not.

10. Finishing my senior paper for Art Therapy and writing the proposal for my Art History paper. The work never ends.


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