There is no In-Between…

15 Nov

My friends and I constantly talk about whether men will love us when we get out of chick school. Being around women all day, every day has made us really slack about manners and general good behavior. We talk about gross stuff, and don’t mind farting and burping out loud. It’s not very polite, I admit. But we don’t care. We’re so comfortable with each other that it just doesn’t bother us; most of the time it can be really funny. 

So, I can’t ever decide if this means men will really love us or really hate us. I don’t think there’s going to be any in-between with this. Men are either going to find us highly attractive or highly repulsive. Hopefully they will find us really attractive. At the very least, we will be fun and very entertaining. Sometimes I think that men will really appreciate us being our normal selves, being comfortable with any sort of behavior (like farting), because it will make them feel more comfotable. I can imagine men feeling relaxed around women who aren’t afraid to admit that they’re gross. Other times I think that men won’t like that at all, because women aren’t “supposed” to act like that. Some people think women aren’t supposed to fart or burp, because that’s not polite behavior. 

We don’t always act prim and proper. We can be just as dirty as men. And I admit it: it’s pretty fun. I hope there are men out there that will love that about us, that we’re not afraid to act like idiots.


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