To-Do Lists

1 Nov

It is currently 3:20 in the afternoon, on a Saturday, and I have accomplished nothing so far. Well, only if you count checking emails. Which, considering how many I receive each day (both personal and school-related), can be quite an accomplishment. However, I have a very long to-do list for this weekend, and checking email isn’t exactly high on the priority list.

I’m having a hard time with motivation, currently. I know I have to get these things done, but I just don’t want to. Most of it seems like trivial things, but these are little stepping stones I have to get done in order to move on to the bigger things on the list. I live by my schedule and to-do lists. Without my planner, I wouldn’t get anything done, and I wouldn’t be anywhere on time. I have to confess that often I will write silly little things on my list, such as “take a shower” or “call Mom,” just so I will have something to cross off. I like having things crossed off the list, because then I can rewrite the list and it gets shorter and shorter.

Enough blogging for now. This is the sort of thing that keeps me from getting my work done. I vow to be productive for the rest of the weekend, no excuses.


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