Ten Things Tuesday – October 28

28 Oct

Ten things I would save in a fire:

1. Jewelry box. This sounds shallow, but I’ve made most of my jewelry, and would be really upset if I were ever to lose all of this work (not to mention money spent).

2. Laptop. Without it, I’d be screwed. My entire life is on my computer, and I would pretty much never get anything done without it. All my music and pictures are on there, which make my life so much more colorful.

3. Scarves. Especially ones I’ve made. Again, like the jewelry, I’d be sad to lose all of my hard work!

4. Journal. It’s got the last five years of my life written in it. Pretty much documenting my senior year of high school up til now. I’ll always have the memories of college, but still, nothing will ever replace that journal.

5. My mini Eiffel Tower. Reminds me of my trips to Paris.

6. Art portfolio. My senior show would have nothing without it. Not to mention I’d be devastated to lose the proof that I’ve learned some stuff while in college.

7. My dream journal. You’d be surprised at how many dreams I remember and write down. I think it’s nearly 300 over the last few years. Could make an interesting book one day.

8. Anyone who was living with me at the time. Why would I not save them?

9. Art books. I can’t get enough of them! A great resource as an art history major. Plus, it’s the next best thing to actually seeing them in person. 

10. I would want to save my shoes, but this is probably not likely to happen. I love shoes to a ridiculous degree.


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