Polls, Politics, and Poltergeists

22 Oct

Today at lunch, I took a poll for our school newspaper. I probably sounded like the biggest bitch ever, because there were only two questions, neither of which I could fully answer. I did, however, answer honestly.

The questions were:

If you were a ghost, which location on campus would you haunt?

Who are you voting for in the Presidential election?

My answers:

Nowhere, because I do not believe in ghosts.

I do not tell anyone who I vote for.

So I’m sure that made me sound more than a little snotty. But it’s the truth. I can say that I answered both of those questions completely and honestly. Because I really don’t believe in ghosts, and I never tell anyone who I vote for. I don’t much care for politics, because discussing it always leads to big arguments. I’d like to avoid this as much as possible, so I just don’t tell anyone what I think about it or who is getting my vote.

I am not sure I should have participated in that poll.


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