1889 Week

20 Oct

Going to chick school means you don’t have a football team. And if you don’t have a football team, you don’t have homecoming. So what do we do to make up for it? A week’s worth of more pointless work than you’ve ever seen.

We have what we call 1889 week, to celebrate the founding of Converse in the year 1889. Brilliant, isn’t it? We have all kinds of class competitions that prove absolutely nothing other than who has the most free time or who is most willing to sacrifice their grades. The competitions are things like a skit, dance, and powderpuff, as well as collecting cans and coins that go to local charities. Sometimes it’s fun, but by senior year I’m more focused on the fact that I’m an adult and I have to start thinking about my future.

So far 1889 hasn’t been that intense. I haven’t heard a lot of uber-competitiveness, which is a far cry from last year. Let’s hope everyone can keep things under control and not get way out of line like always. I just want to have fun. At this point, I don’t care if we win. It would be great, but there are much more important things than that. I hardly doubt I will remember much about 1889 when I think about my Converse years. We’re not going to talk about that when we come back for reunions.

Here’s to hoping I can get through the week without losing my sanity or killing anyone that’s being ridiculous.


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