16 Oct

I’m kind of tired of constantly seeing political ads. The two-year campaigning is really getting old. I’m just tired of always hearing about it, always talking about it. I’m over it. What really irks me, though, is those ads you see on TV that bash the other candidate.

For example, ads that say, “My opponent did this and this, and it’s bad, and here’s why. You shouldn’t vote for them.”

But then, they don’t go and say what they will do that is good. They highlight the bad points, but then don’t say anything good about themselves. I’d much rather be given good reasons to vote for you, rather than negative things to make me not want to vote for the other person. I guess I understand why they do it; they want to put negative things in your mind about their opponent. But still, I’d much rather hear why I should vote for you – the good things you will do – than hearing all these bad things about the opponent.

I’m very tired of hearing these things. Sometimes I think politics have gotten out of hand. It just starts a lot of unnecessary fights. I just want people to get along.


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