Back to the Grind

15 Oct

Fall break is over now, so it’s back to school. I have class tomorrow morning, bright and early, at 8:30. There is a good chance I will sleep through it, since I slept in all during break. We’ll see.

Driving back wasn’t bad, though. It’s not that long, only about 2 hours. Usually I kind of dread thinking about the drive, but it’s not hard, and not that long. Once I get going, though, I don’t really think about it and it almost becomes fun.

I’ve decided that I’ve lived in Tennessee for too long. Everywhere I went this weekend, I saw people I know, or knew, from high school. Lots of people out eating (because I ate out a lot this weekend). I also saw a lot of people from Cootie Brown’s, both because I went in there to eat, and out around town. I’m starting to turn into my dad, who always sees people he knows, no matter where we are in town. I’ve been there for too long, because that’s starting to happen to me, too. I don’t go home that often, but this time I saw more people I know than any other time I’ve gone back home.

In other news, my parents got tickets for the LSU vs. USC game in Columbia this weekend! I’m so excited; it’s been forever since I’ve been to a college football game. I think senior year is about time to do that. And I’ve never seen LSU before, so that should be fun. My mom, who has seen them several times, says that LSU fans are fun and the games are always really interesting to watch in the stadium. I’m excited!


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