iTunes Purging

6 Oct

I have to say, one of my most difficult tasks this semester has been purging my iTunes. I’m trying to free up space on my computer, and deleting songs I don’t really listen to is probably the best way I can do this. It’s so difficult, though, because deleting music is like cutting friends out of my life. I’m having to be very, very honest with myself and only keep my absolute favorites, and the things I can’t live without.

I have a lot of music on my computer that I do really like, but just don’t listen to that much. My iPod doesn’t even hold all of my music anymore; in fact, it hasn’t for a long time. I need to get rid of the excess stuff in my life, and the stuff taking up memory space on my computer. iTunes is probaby the biggest culprit for this. It’s been so difficult so far to delete music. Really, I like so much of it, I’m having to just get rid of a lot of stuff because I haven’t listened to it in forever. There are probably about 3,000 songs (of around 6,600 that I haven’t listened to in the past year. Granted, a lot of this is Christmas music that I only listen to between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, but there’s still a lot of stuff that, to be quite honest, I don’t really need.

I have so much music in my iTunes that I’m rediscovering music I’d completey forgotten about. I’ve prided myself on having one of the best music collections, and a lot of people like to listen to my music on our network. But really, when you get right down to it, I don’t need everything. I certainly don’t have everything at this moment, but there’s a lot of stuff that I can live without. I’ve lived without listening to it for this long, so why do I need to keep it around?

I feel like I need to do this process with more than just my music. I have a lot of stuff. A lot of books, a lot of clothes, a lot of art supplies, a lot of shoes and other random stuff that I honestly don’t need. There’s a lot of stuff with sentimental value that I can’t really bear to give up, but I really need to get rid of some of the extra stuff. I need to purge my life of stuff that really isn’t necessary. Maybe that will make me happier. Stuff doesn’t make you happy, I have found.


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