Weekend Update

5 Oct

I just got back from visiting my brother in Columbia. It’s so weird to be friends with him and hang out together now that we’re older. It was kind of awkward at first, because we haven’t spent that much time together without our parents around. But it was fun.

Friday night Mari’s family took us out to eat, which was fun and really good. I think James felt awkward and shy at first, but he warmed up. Mari’s parents are really funny and they can make anyone feel comfortable. Mari and Sarah were there, too. After dinner we hung around for a while and walked around downtown. We couldn’t really think of much to do, so I just went back to Mari’s house. We stayed up really late watching movies after a long trip to Wal-Mart, Bruster’s, and Blockbuster.

Yesterday was pretty fun. I got up and met James downtown for lunch, and then we went back to his dorm room for a while. It’s weird being in a dorm with guys, and in a different dorm in general. Everything is way bigger at USC than here. There are like 500 people just in his building, which is about the same size as all the undergraduates here at Converse. Definitey different. But anyway, his roommates are nice. Not that I had much chance to get to know them, but they seem OK and that they all get along well. I know James hangs out with them, going to games and going to the gym and playing tennis and cards and stuff like that. It’s amazing how much dirtier it gets in a guy’s room than girls. We’re definitely cleaner. And not as smelly.

I meant to come back to school last night, to just lay around and get some work done. But I ended up staying the night in Columbia anyway, because we just hung out at Mari’s house for a long time and it got too late to leave. We visited her at work yesterday afternoon, where we met Dan and Derek, two guys she works with that are hilarious. I’d probably never get much work done if I was constantly entertained by them. It was great. So we just laid around for a long time, playing games and watching baseball and football games on TV.

All in all, it was a pretty fun weekend. I don’t take many road trips, but this one was fun. Hopefully James can come up here soon and stay with us for a weekend. There are some friends I have up here that have never met him, and I think they think I’m making him up sometimes. I’ve told them really funny stories of things he’s done or said, so I know they really want to meet him, if only to make sure he’s real.

So now it’s back to the grind. I have kind of a lot of work due this week. It’s midterm week, right before fall break, so there’s a lot to get done. I have to write 10 pages of my art therapy research paper by Thursday, and that is going to be quite a stretch to pull that much out of my ass. But, I need to quit putting it off and just do it. It’s easy to sit here and write about my weekend in 10 minutes, but it’s jmuch harded to crap out this much for a research paper in a few days. Wish me luck.


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