Consumed with Consumption

27 Sep

Well, there’s now a chance that I’m carrying tuberculosis. I went to the doctor yesterday to get the second test done, and the nurses looked really hard at the first one and said it was a significant reaction. I just have to wait til Monday to find out if it’s really positive. That would be so ironic, considering I’ve been sick all week and still have a cough. I just hope I don’t have an Edgar Allan Poe situation going on here.

Anyway, enough of my illnesses. Last night Melody, Mari and I went to see Get Smart, and then we snuck into Indiana Jones. Both were really good. Get Smart was so funny. I love Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. The humor was similar to The Office, so it was really hilarious. I loved it a lot, and I just might have to add that to my movie collection. Indiana Jones was good, too. I haven’t seen all of the first three. I’ve seen Temple of Doom, and I think parts or most of the other two. Now I want to go back and see them all. Shia LaBeouf was so hot riding around on that motorcycle. Oh man.

I’m spending my day laying around my room, purging my iTunes, doing research for my paper, washing clothes and sheets, knitting, and generally being lazy. Melody is probably coming over for a movie night later. All in all, a relaxing and not very stressful day.


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