This Title has Nothing to do with This Post

25 Sep

Well, it’s official. The Plague has taken over campus. I got round one of my TB test on Friday, went home for the weekend, and came back with the cold/flu crap that takes over colleges everywhere. It’s not been fun, let me tell you. I had to skip ceramics on Monday morning, because I just didn’t have the energy to deal with clay at the time. It’s a pretty labor-intensive process, and it takes a lot more out of you than you think. I went this morning, and was absolutely exhausted afterward. I’ve been in every other class, though, bodily but not mentally. I was supposed to start my internship yesterday, but had to cancel. Another week put off.

It’s always an inconvenience to get sick, especially during school. I have pretty understanding and supportive professors, but I feel like I’m going to fall really behind if I don’t keep up with everything, including going to class.

However, it has been pretty great to have virtually three days off. I haven’t really done much but sit around, pretending to do homework, while I really knit and watch movies. So far this week I’ve watched This is Spinal Tap, Finding Neverland, Peter Pan, and The Secret Garden. Tomorrow, my friend Melody is bringing over Hook so we can watch that after the premiere of The Office. I’m in such a Peter Pan mood lately.

I’ve gotten a lot of rest, but also felt pretty lousy, too. It’s not too much fun to lay around your room all day, avoiding work, too tired to really do much of anything. Other than going to class, I’ve basically been in my room since I got back from Tennessee on Sunday night. I haven’t really seen anyone except Mari until today. So, I’ve been cooped up and lonely. And bored.

And pretty much everyone has whatever I’ve got that’s being passed around. This morning, one of my friends passed out in the shower because she was dehydrated and got overheated. Half the people I pass on the sidewalks have a croaky voice. It’s only a matter of time before my roommate gets sick. I’m going to have to spray this entire room with Lysol.


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