Ten Things Tuesday – September 16

16 Sep

I can tell that today is not going to be a very good day. I was supposed to take my senior pictures this morning at 10. I woke up at 9, having to shower and get dressed and get completely ready in less than an hour. I just barely made it, but I made it. I didn’t look the best, but I was ready, anyway. So then I had to walk up to Main Hall to the photographer, through the pouring rain that has finally reached us from the hurricanes.

For our senior pictures, we do a head shot and then a few around campus in pretty locations. That’s kind of hard to do when it’s raining cats and dogs, and when it’s so dark you might as well be still in bed. Needless to say, I didn’t look my best once I got up to the photographer from my dorm. I had an umbrella, but was still wet and kind of sweaty at this point from the humidity.

I ended up not taking any pictures, which is fine for now, because the weather is so bad. And I don’t feel like I look my best. So, on the bright side, this is a good break. I got back to my room and just checked my email to discover that my 1:00 class is now cancelled. Meaning, I don’t have any class at all today. My 4:00 was not planning to meet this week anyway, so we could spend time in the library researching for our papers. So I’m off the hook as far as class is concerned. Too bad I was up reading for my 1:00 til 2:30 this morning.

So, even though I get a second chance to take my pictures, I still have a feeling that it’s not going to be a good day. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s hard to do when the weather is so gross. It’s pouring from the sky and it’s really, really dark. Not exactly energetic weather.

With that, I leave you with Ten Things that have already gone wrong this morning:

1. Rain
2. Pictures getting rescheduled
3. Waking up late
4. Staying up late to finish homework for a cancelled class
5. Rain
6. Getting ready in the dark because Mari is sleeping
7. Stepping through a huge puddle
8. Having a strange dream last night that put me in a weird mood
9. Rain
10. Forgetting to brush my teeth for pictures (really dumb, I know)

Sorry that I’m so much of a Debbie Downer this morning. I blame the rain.


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