Dead Like Me

7 Sep

Mari and I have discovered the wonders of the show Dead Like Me. Oh. Man. I’m just a little bit obsessed, I think. We borrowed season 1 from our neighbor last night, and probably watched 10 episodes in a row. Yes, we’re kind of lame sometimes. But it was so great, I can’t even tell you. I’m totally hooked now. Too bad there were only two seasons, it really deserved to keep going. I would have liked to see more.

I’ve heard there’s a movie in the works. Can’t wait til that comes out!

So basically, the show starts out with this girl, Georgia Lass (called George by everyone), who starts her first day of work at a temp agency. On her lunch break, she is killed by a toilet seat falling from the Mir space station. What a tragic/comical way to die. Anyway, instead of “crossing over,” she becomes a grim reaper, to take people’s souls right before they die. George’s special group of reapers deals with accidents and tragedies, so there’s no shortage of quirky deaths in the show. They have to make sure to get the soul out of the person shortly before death. It sounds weird, and well, it is. But weird in such a fascinating way. It’s so very interesting. And I want more!

You should check it out. It’s really funny, in a dark kind of way.

I wish my family got channels like HBO and Showtime, or whatever those cable networks are. I mean, we get a lot of channels on our cable at home. Most of the time it’s too many. I don’t need all of them. I just want the ones with all the really good shows and the really good movies on demand. Oh well.


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