Llamas, and How I got my Nickname

3 Sep

I just found the scientific name for the llama: Lama glama. Isn’t that funny? I thought it was.

I figured it was about time that I told the story of how I got to be the Lazy Llama. See, way back in 10th grade, I took chemistry with a lot of my friends. It was a fun class, and we were pretty crazy in there. One day, we were sitting in class, probably supposed to be working on some worksheet or experiment data, when we got off topic. I don’t remember how we got started on this, but by the time we were done, several of us had nicknames. The people involved were my friends Kristen and Caitlin, and this guy Baird (who I ended up dating later), and myself. The nicknames started out with our first name. Then they had an adjective, and then and animal, all starting with the same letter.

Kristen became the Kinky Kangaroo
Caitlin became the Creative Cougar
Baird became the Boring Baboon
and I became Laura the Lazy Llama.

By the way, these nicknames do not necessarily reflect our own personalities. However, I have always had a lazy streak. My grandmother truly hates this name. She has no idea how much time I waste.

Since then, llamas have kind of grown on me. They’re not a very attractive animal, but they’re pretty funny-looking. After turtles, I’d say they’re my second-favorite animal. Just because I am one. I found the following video of myself on YouTube the other day:

So that’s the not-very-interesting story of how I got my nickname. I think mine is really the only one that’s stuck for the past six years. It’s pretty fun. A lot of the time Mari calls me Llama, and I answer to it. And that’s pretty much it.


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