Art Therapy Senior Paper

28 Aug

I’ve decided to do my senior seminar paper on art therapy methods used in Africa with involuntarily displaced people. I don’t know how much useful information I’ll be able to find, but hopefully I will be able to turn this into a really great paper. I’m so excited about it. My inspiration came from Project Have Hope, actually. I was thinking about the creative outlet of making beaded jewelry, and how that could probably have great therapeutic value, whether the women know it or not.

I would really like to research the challenges faced by these refugees, such as HIV/AIDS and orphaned children. I’d also like to tie in some sort of cultural relativism, comparing their art to that of children in the US who are in similar programs. I know there are art therapists working with children and families in Africa, and I would really love to find out more about them. At the same time, there are also impoverished children in this country that are receiving some of the same treatments. I’d like to see if there is some sort of difference in the art of African children and American children.

I really hope this paper works out. It combines several of my great interests: beading and jewelry-making, art history, culture, art therapy, and my newfound interest in Africa. I would love for this to somehow benefit Project Have Hope, I just don’t know how to do that yet.

I’ve been thinking that I would really love to do an internship with Project Have Hope next year. It would probably have to be paid, though. I don’t have money to move to Boston to work for free. Although it would be a great experience, I think. I would love to do this, and then go to grad school after that, just defer enrollment for a year.

So many big plans! I don’t feel old enough or mature enough or intelligent enough to be a senior!


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