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Orientation Staff

22 Aug

I really love the Orientation staff this year. They are all so much fun, and all work really hard. One of my goals for this team was to do a lot of teambuilding and really get them working together, and I think that’s happened really well. I think they’ve all really bonded well and they will work well together. I don’t think I have once heard anyone complain about anyone else on the team. 

On the day Orientation training when we run over the Real Scoop and Traditions skits, we always take the entire team out to Krispy Kreme at the end and all get doughnuts. It’s always on the schedule as a secret activity, so the new members don’t know what it is. This year, we decided to load up our cars and drive around Spartanburg for about 15 minutes before arriving at Krispy Kreme. The new members that I was driving around had no idea what we were doing. It was on the schedule as “treasure hunting,” so I told them we had to find the treasure of Spartanburg. I think they were worried a little bit; they said I was too sneaky because I wouldn’t really answer their questions or tell them what was going on. But of course, everything worked out, and we really did find the treasure of Spartanburg.

Speaking of Real Scoop, it’s got to be one of the best sessions during Orientation. It’s a skit dealing with issues college students face, such as drinking, STDs, roommate issues, laundry etiquette, rape, personal safety and being careful on the Internet (especially Facebook). I saw it once as a freshman, and then twice every year since then (rehearsals and performances), and it really never gets old. I love watching it because it’s both hilarious and very informative. There are a lot of serious things they talk about, but it’s also really entertaining. It’s really one of my favorite things about Orientation.

One of my favorite parts of Orientation training and beyond is tick checks. Each year, the SOC makes a “tick” out of a clothespin, which is painted and made really cute, usually with googly eyes. The OL staff have to sneakily pin it on someone, and if anyone gets caught with it during our staff meetings, they draw a tick card and have to do something crazy. The cards have funny stuff, such as doing the chicken dance, saying the alphabet backwards, singing random songs (Disney, Oscar Meyer weiner, humming the national anthem), insisting to be called princess, quacking every time your name is heard, etc. It’s always really fun and hilarious. Everyone gets into it, so no one is ever embarrassed by anything.

This year, I decided to add a new element: the flea. I have a second clothespin, which looks different than the other. This one they’re all trying to steal from each other because it makes the owner immune to tick checks. So, if you have the flea, you cannot be caught with the tick if you happen to get it. It’s been really funny having one that people want to get rid of and one that people want to steal. I think it’s really been a great bonding thing, too. It’s been going on all week, and it’s one of my favorite Orientation traditions.

On our last night of training, we did a penny drop on Dexter’s grave for good luck. I think it really worked, because, even though we’ve had some issues (like every year, which can’t be helped), things have gone very smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during Orientation. I love my staff. I love the other students that are here on campus working. Everyone is so supportive of each other, and I think it’s going to be a great year.

Hooray for the best Orientation ever!