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Southern by the Grace of God

16 Aug

I get very irritated when Northerners move to the South and then complain about how backwards we are. True, we are very set in our ways and are not nearly as progressive as the North. We are poorer, less educated, and generally considered old-fashioned. But you know what? We like it that way. We like our slower, more polite way of life. It’s always too hot down here to run around accomplishing great things. Why do you think we drink so much sweet tea and lemonade?

Living down here, I fully understand Southern culture. It’s different in different Southern states, too. Tennessee isn’t quite as “Southern” as South Carolina. And even in SC, the Upstate is different from the Midlands and from the Low Country. And Louisiana is an entirely different matter. And I’m pretty sure that Texans still consider themselves their own country. But collectively, we have a unique culture that just hasn’t really caught up to the rest of the country. I don’t think that bothers too many people, though.

It’s just annoying to have people move down here and then complain about everything we do. I know it’s a very different place than anywhere else in the country. But please don’t come down here and expect to change things. And don’t expect us to appreciate whining about our way of life. We really don’t like it. It would be much the same if Southerners all moved up North and then complained about everything in sight. I don’t think you guys would appreciate that, either.

I know the South is not the North. I know Northerners might not be happy to be down here. But please, keep it to yourself. Chances are you will be much better liked for it. If you’re really that unhappy here, you could leave if you want. We probably don’t want you around either.