100 Random Facts

12 Aug

100 things about me:


1. I was born 5 days late

2. My roommates (and Melody) are the funniest people I have ever met.

3. My favorite month of the year is October.

4. I played piano for 9 years.

5. I love to paint.

6. I have a pet turtle.

7. I would love to have a pet hedgehog or chinchilla.

8. I hate poetry….

9. and cream cheese….

10. and cheesecake.

11. I love falling asleep to the sound of thunderstorms.

12. I love blue doors.

13. I have the most comfortable bed in the entire world.

14. I have a thing for shoes.

15. A REALLY big thing for shoes.

16. I love to drive.

17. I have never been in a wreck.

18. I have a big fat crush on Paul McCartney….

19. from the 60s when he was young, of course!

20. One of my favorite foods is goat cheese.

21. I admire Laurann’s ability to talk to anyone, about anything.

22. I love watching movies.

23. One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice.

24. I want a man just like Mr. Darcy.

25. I’ve had my heart broken.

26. My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked.

27. I can touch my tongue to my nose.

28. I broke my toe once in elementary school.

29. I’ve never been stung by a bee….

30. or had a cavity.

31. I had my wisdom teeth out….

32. and I don’t remember anything I did for 3 days after.

33. I want to travel all over the world….

34. and have a big house to fill with all my souvenirs.

35. I have a birthmark in my hair that makes little highlights of it blonde and black.

36. I have the most eclectic taste in music ever.

37. I’m scared of being forgotten.

38. I was in Girl Scouts for 11 years….

39. and I earned my Gold Award.

40. Did I mention I love shoes?

41. I love reading InStyle

42. My ultimate fantasy dream job is to be a fashion designer.

43. I know how to knit.

44. I want to learn how to crochet.

45. I’ve been keeping a journal for four years, and I would die if I ever lost it.

46. I like to read.

47. I have a wild, lime green bathroom….

48. and a soft, mellow gray bedroom.

49. My favorite color is purple.

50. My other favorite color is green.

51. I’m a proud Red Devil!

52. I have a brother.

53. I always wanted a sister.

54. I loved that pink gooey medicine they give you for ear infections when I was little.

55. I love art history.

56. I feel like a big dork admitting this, but I really love my planner. I wouldn’t get anything done without it.

57. I like to pretend I’m organized….

58. but I’m not always.

59. I like college football better than pro football.

60. I love going to a women’s college.

61. I don’t miss high school, even though it was fun.

62. I used to volunteer at the library.

63. I want all the seasons of Friends on DVD.

64. I want to be in love.

65. I only applied to one college.

66. I miss Kelly….

67. and Katie.

68. I love sushi.

69. Alli, Mari, Lindsay, Melody and Laurann are the sisters I never had.

70. I love James Bond.

71. I’m excited about the series of paintings that I have planned.

72. I still listen to the Spice Girls.

73. I’ve been to Hawaii, London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris (twice!)

74. My favorite place I’ve ever been is Barcelona.

75. I’m semi-fluent in French.

76. I have seen John Mayer in concert three times.

77. I love blankets….

78. and pillows.

79. The next time I go to New York, I’m doing nothing but shopping and seeing Broadway shows.

80. I’m a double major in art therapy and art history…..

81. but I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

82. I had my dog for 14 years.

83. I don’t like people telling me what to do.

84. I like to cook.

85. One of my favorite classes ever was my book making class.

86. I like to look at old yearbooks.

87. I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade.

88. I watch Almost Famous and wish with all my heart that was my life.

89. I’m not a picky eater, I just have exquisite taste.

90. I love getting presents….

91. but I really, really love getting the perfect present for someone.

92. For the first time in my life, there’s not a guy that I like.

93. I wish I had lots of money to buy pretty things.

94. I think I’m complicated and contradictory….

95. but probably I’m not.

96. I really want to go to India someday.

97. One of the best things I’ve ever done was the summer I went to Governor’s School.

98. I’ve never been homesick, except my junior year of college.

99. I love flying.

100. I love both the beach and the mountains.


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