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I Love British Men

6 Aug

Last night Melody and I got a huge Hugh Grant fix. We watched Music & Lyrics and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Four hours of watching Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Oh man. It just reaffirmed my belief that my future husband is British. I just really, really love them. Accents, attitudes, mannerisms, everything. I’m just about ready to give up everything and move to Europe. I have to put myself in a good position to meet and marry a British man. And that would work a lot better if I was living over there.

I know that men in real life aren’t really like movie characters, but I’d like to think that there are a few out there that get it. British men are just so much better than American men. There’s something more mysterious and sophisticated about them. Certainly they’re much better dressed and well-mannered. Living in South Carolina, I’m not really going to find much of what I’m looking for. I’ve determined that men in this area aren’t really worth bothering with. That is, men of my age. I need to find a good British man who is roughly 3-4 years older than I am.

If only.

I think I’ve been watching too many British films lately – or at least I’ve been exposing myself to British things a lot. I’m starting to think in a British accent, like the voice in my head when I think things or sing songs in my head. It’s turned into a British version of my own voice. I think that’s a sign I’m getting seriously obsessed.

Yesterday I was writing about Laurann taking the oath of allegiance to the US. Today I’m dying to be British. Wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t actually won the Revolution? Would I then be British?