American Citizenship

5 Aug

Yesterday we were in Charleston to watch Laurann get sworn in as an American citizen. I don’t think too many people can say they’ve done that. It was a really cool thing to watch. There were probably 30 people or so that took the oath, and I know it was really emotional for all of them. There were lots of pictures taken.

It was a huge deal to watch, because it took place in the INS offices in the Department of Homeland Security. We had to show ID and sign the register and state our purpose for being there. We were wanded, too; it felt a lot like airport security. We couldn’t take pictures in the lobby, either. It wouldn’t surprise me if we were being recorded.

Laurann’s dad bought little American flags for us all to wave for her, which really embarrassed her. It was hilarious, though, because we were probably the biggest group of citizens there, and we looked obnoxious. It was really fun, though. Hopefully not too disruptive; we were just all really excited. Laurann was really emotional. I know it was a really big deal for her to get her citizenship. She’s been here since she was 2, so she pretty much was one anyway, but now she’s official!

It was really exciting to see. If you ever have the chance to see that ceremony, I would recommend it. It’s nothing fancy and it happens every day, but it was a pretty powerful thing to watch.


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