Harry Potter Makes Me Cry – In a Good Way

31 Jul

I have spent the last four nights watching all five of the Harry Potter movies back-to-back.

Several weeks ago, I read all seven of the books back-to-back.

Today, I have spent a good bit of time online looking up the trailer and pictures for the sixth movie, due out in late fall. Now I’m just obsessed and aching for more.

I’m pretty much an emotional wreck right now. I can’t do anything to express my genuine, undying love for all things HP except to weep. The outpouring of love from my heart is just too great. No words can express it. I truly, truly love it.

I also discovered this morning that Amazon is releasing The Tales of Beedle the Bard in December. I’m so pumped, I can hardly stand it. I already sent my mom the link and told her we were ordering it.

I have got to find something else to do with my time. Thinking about this too much is going to drive me insane. I want so badly for it all to be real. I want my Hogwarts letter. I want to know that world is actually real.

I can’t stand it.

Happy Birthday Harry!


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