The Rules of High School/Teen Movies

20 Jul

As observed through my cinematic experiences:

No one ever goes to class or does any homework.
Students are pretty much on a first-name basis with their teachers. And they get to use whatever kind of language they want.
Normal people have the chance to become popular.
Everyone wears ridiculous clothes.
There’s always drinking and partying.
Even at age 17, you can find your one true love in high school.
There’s always at least one ridiculous slang word.
The teachers are pretty cool.
Detention is fun. Always.
THE MAN is always trying to get you down.
The geeky, brainy people are always really ugly.
Athletes are complete idiots.
People get away with doing some pretty crazy stuff….pretty much no one gets into trouble.
Prom is always lots of fun, with great music.
There’s always that one guy, who is completely unattainable, gorgeous, and perfect, that everyone wants to date.
Everyone is angsty.
Hardly anyone has parents, and if they do, they are just like grown-up high schoolers with no house rules. Or else they’re completely unaware of what their kids are up to.
There’s always a choreographed dance that everyone in school knows.
Everyone talks like a valley girl.
High school kids always know more than adults.
The new kid in school is always unaccepted until he makes a random, equally dorky friend. After this, the most popular girl in school will be instantly attracted to him.
Ugly girls are going to get a makeover and become Cinderella.
Janitors are either: the most kickass people ever, with all the right advice, or they hate children with a burning passion.
No one has zits.

That pretty much makes for the most unrealistic high school experience ever.


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