Ain’t No HollaBack Girl

8 Jul

Why is it that men always find it appropriate to make sketchy comments at women? Seriously, what’s the deal? And especially to distract them while driving. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been followed on the highway, subjected to rude and suggestive gestures, and shouted at in order to get attention from men driving in my vicinity. It has sometimes gotten to the point of becoming dangerous, too–I mean, it’s not exactly safe to try and pick up women rather than pay attention to the road or some other petty nonsense.

Last night I was driving home from work and I pulled up right behind a truck. There was a man sitting in the back, wearing a wife beater and a do-rag. Classy, I know. Well, of course it was awkward, because he was just staring at me, like those kids that get stuck in the back seat of a station wagon. And there wasn’t much else for me to do but stare in his general direction, seeing as I was at a red light and needed to pay attention to the light changing. If only I’d had sunglasses, there would have been much awkwardness avoided.

Mostly I just pretended that I wasn’t really paying attention. I was aware he was there, but not really doing anything about his presence. I can tell you, I wasn’t dying to get picked up while driving my car. Our light eventually changed and we turned right. The truck got in the right lane and I got in the left. It didn’t take long for me to pass him, seeing as I drive fast most of the time. Naturally, living in South Carolina, my car was boiling hot, so I had my windows down for air circulation. And what happened when I passed the truck? Did he tip his do-rag and tell me to have a nice day, ma’am?

No, he did not. He yelled, “Hey, yo!” or something equally as unclever. By this time I was just irritated and ready to get away from him. He didn’t exactly say anything offensive, but still, I really hate when men do that kind of thing. Too bad it’s never the kind of men you would want to pick you up. It certainly has never been my life’s ambition to hook up with some grody guy I just randomly met on the street/while driving/in a checkout line/at the mall/in a bar.

I think it’s mostly just an American-woman thing. Most of my friends don’t appreciate these comments either, but in other countries (European, for example) it’s considered complimentary. Over here it’s just creepy. Yes, women like attention, and I’m sure men do, too. But seriously, that’s not the kind of attention we want.

I just don’t understand this behavior. It’s so tacky. I mean, what do guys expect when they do this? Solely attention, for the three seconds it takes me to scowl in your direction? The thing about women is, we’re constantly waiting for someone to sweep us off our feet. We don’t expect it–in fact we spend most of our lives lamenting the fact that no one ever will. But it doesn’t put much more faith in the male population if we have to put up with creepster behavior. It’s not like we’re thinking, “Oh, I was just going to walk by you and do nothing, but since you made an immature comment/noise I’ve decided to come talk to you and give you my phone number.”

Guys, we don’t work that way.

If anyone has insight into this annoying practice, please, fill me in. I’m curious.


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