6 Jul

I just saw Wall-E. And Pixar continues their streak of winning me over with their beautiful, creative movies. I used to be skeptical of Pixar movies, based only on their trailers. But I have learned that I should go see the movie, no matter what it is about, as long as it’s a Pixar film, because I will not be disappointed. And I wasn’t.

Seeing this film really makes me want to boycott Wal-Mart and other huge retailers like that. I don’t want to become like the people in the movie, who sit around watching TV all the time, not communicating with each other, and buying things they don’t really need from huge superstores driving people to excess consumerism.

It also made me want to do more for the environment. How sad it would be if we got to the point that there was no sustainable life on Earth anymore. No water, no plant life, no animal life, having to vacate the planet because of excess garbage. Terrible. I’ve never been much of an environmentalist, but lately I’ve kind of gotten into it. I’ve been aware of environmental issues my whole life, but always been pretty indifferent about it. But now I want to get more involved.

Beyond all this, the movie is amazing in that two robots can teach humans how to be human again; after spending hundreds of years in front of virtual screens, they have forgotten how to communicate face to face. They have even forgotten the simple yet complicated interaction of holding hands. And it’s robots that have to remind them that they are still human. It’s just so beautiful.

And the soundtrack is amazing. I’m a huge fan of great movie soundtracks, and this one does not disappoint. I’ve already bought it on iTunes.

So, if you haven’t seen Wall-E, you should. Pixar has delivered again.


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